2k14 gender olympics
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the sky was so beautiful. it looked like cotton candy.

Milo is the best everyone should be Milo’s fan get to it chip chop guys


Smoky Quartz and Microcline var. Amazonite // Smoky Hawk Mine, Jewel Pocket, Florissant, Teller County, Colorado, USA


My entire team is Rattatas 8~)

miikesobi replied to your post: hello: where the heck are all of u new…

i sent them via messenger pigeon

how dare u

hello: where the heck are all of u new followers coming from this is rlly strange


commission for Medusa! i wanted to draw a pretty Medusa with a fancy snake bun

some writings about sensations!!:

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Flowering Shrubs and Plants, James Kimrey Hindle (After Jan Van Eyck)