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Fresh dye, new(ish) jewellery (necklace: Earl Foolish) & glitterbrows done in the very flaky “fuck i’m out of lash glue i wonder if brow gel will do” method.

I’m gay

My friend pj stole my phone and posted this but jokes on them I post this exact thing at least twice a week this is old news

I’m gay



Xulia Vicente is a Fine Arts student based near Valencia, Spain. Her works are animated and whimsical, bringing some nostalgia to mind.

Lately I’ve been dealing with pressure and fear of failure, as I’m starting bigger projects and things seem to get more serious. I have a lot of insecurities, questioning if the stuff is good enough, if I’m putting enough effort, if that’ll print well, if this blue should be darker…In the end the worst about it [is] the time it makes me lose, because works eventually come out when I stop worrying.

Interview with Xulia Vicente

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This great blog here interviewed me and put some of my works together. A nice surprise :) I’m a bit embarrased but highly grateful. Check their posts!


earthy arty look tonight


I don’t really have the will to stare at people on the bus so I often just draw their shoes.


I’m working on a project with a group of ULTRACOOL people. Think of this as sort of teaser. The first sketch is of my characters and the following belong to Jean, Olee, and Juls (in order, from left to right).

In other news, I now have a print shop. Drop me an ask if you want any of my old work as a print or if there’s a particular subject/fandom you’d like to see sold there in the future.