2k14 gender olympics
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Track: Exploration
Artist: Bruno Coulais, Mathilde Pellegrini, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard
Album: Coraline


Coraline - Exploration

No, still not over the last eps of adventure time


Killin’ time at Mushroom Park.


a bunch of the plein air sketches I was working on during my Utah trip! A week drawing rocks, getting mistaken for a ranger twice- pretty ideal.

Well that’s convenient bc I feel the same way about u and ur blog????

Deep dark furry past

Once I had a fb friend pm me bc she didn’t know what to say when ppl asked her “are you a furry” like does it look like I know how to answer that for u

Track: Soft Revolution
Artist: Stars
Album: Set Yourself on Fire


Stars - Soft Revolution

and after changing everything
they couldn’t tell we couldn’t sing